Jzoog Helps Daters Focus and Be Focused On

Online dating sites that allow users to scroll through long lists of potential matches are not helping them focus on finding their true mate. According to recent studies, “increasing option variety leads to chooser confusion. People are more likely to choose no-one at all when faced with greater variety.”

You know this from your own experience. How many times have you scrolled through matches without giving most of them even a second of your attention? Can you really decide whether someone might be a could dating partner in a half second glance at a thumbnail photo?

Now flip the scenario around so that your profile is just one of an endless stream of profiles. What chance do you have of getting noticed? Maybe your photo really stands out from the crowd, in which case your chances are not that bad to get noticed. But what if you don’t stand out? You might never get noticed!

We’ve changed all that. On Jzoog your profile is the center of attention for as long as it takes a user to decide whether to contact you or to pass.

When users search for matches they get their search results one at a time. In order to see the next match they MUST make a decision regarded the profile they are currently viewing. (You can read more about the available options here.) That gets you their undivided attention for as long as it takes them to make their decision.

Instead of glossing over you in a race to scroll through as many matches as possible, Jzoog users get the opportunity to give every potential match a chance. That’s good for both parties.

Online dating shouldn’t be like online shopping. You shouldn’t be treated like a piece of merchandise. Everyone deserves to be the center of attention.

Who knows, that extra second or two of focus can make all the difference in the world.

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