5 Reasons Why Women Reject Men

Men who get rejected by the women they want to date are always asking, “why”. They usually have no idea what the real reason. There are certain things that women shouldn’t reject a guy over, because while those things might seem important in the dating stage they either aren’t or can be modified in a marriage.

Now, here are 5 reasons why women reject men, and they’re all pretty valid. Gentlemen, listen up.

1. Career Ambition
We all know that there are women out there who will only date men of a certain profession or net income. If you don’t fit their requirements, they won’t date you period. It’s not fair, but it’s their right, so you need to come to terms with that and adjust your target sights appropriately.

But let’s leave those women out for now. The majority of women do not have specific professional or financial requirements that need to be matched by the men they agree to date. Yes, they want a man who can make a living, but in many cases women are already making pretty hefty salaries so they’re less concerned with the final W-2 number.

What they do want is a man who shows stability and ambition in whatever he chooses to do. That means if you have a stable career path with room to grow, and you’re motivated to do so, you’ve probably succeeded in satisfying the requirement.

Some men are getting rejected because they cannot show a woman that they have a stable economic future. We’re not referring to someone who is currently unemployed as a result of the harsh economic cycle. Women understand that jobs come and go, and that a capable man will eventually be able to get another. It’s the men who seem to never have had a stable job or career and who don’t seem to be trying to improve their situation that makes women feel uneasy and unreceptive. Even men who are striving to build a business on their own can fall into this category if they’ve been doing it for too long without financial reward.

Guys, you could be the handsomest and smartest fellow in town but if you can’t show a woman that you have financial stability or the concrete potential for that in the very near future, your chances of dating and relationship success are substantially below the norm.

Solution: either get a real job or get involved in a real business that has potential to grow in the near future. Do it now, ASAP. You will drastically improve your dating prospects.

2. Reputation
If you’ve acquired a reputation for dating women seriously and then breaking up with them, women will be wary to date you and subject themselves to the same punishment. Everyone has relationships in their past that didn’t work out. But if you’ve done it enough times it isn’t unreasonable to assume that you’ve got some commitment related issues that need to be worked out before you can actually see a relationship through to commitment and marriage.

There are two steps you need to take to solve this dilema and clear your good name:

A. Work through your issue, preferably with the help of a therapist, mentor or coach. Maybe you can even work it out on your own. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, as long as you make sure not to get involved in another relationship until you do.

B. Once you’ve “cured” yourself, be honest with the woman you want to get involved with about your past and the work you’ve done to overcome your problem. Tell her that you know you’ve made mistakes before but now you’ve a new man who understands how to commit and is ready to do so. If you show you’re sincere and honest, the odds of her accepting you are good.

3. You’re abusive, insensitive, or just a big jerk.
This doesn’t require commentary. Grow up, be a man, and learn how to treat a woman. Don’t believe that crap about women not wanting to date nice guys. The kind of woman who you want as a wife will only date nice guys. Just remember, nice doesn’t equal wimpy. It means being caring, sensitive, attentive, and most of all giving.

4. You’re life goals are incompatible with her’s.
You need to share a common vision of how you want to lead your lives and raise a family. This includes religion, but not necessary politics.

5. She just doesn’t connect with your personality, or is not the least bit attracted to you.
Hey, it happens to the best of us. Not everyone is going to like you. Get used to it. Accept it, and move on.

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