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Here’s some important information about our Jewish Dating site and how to use it. If you have any questions you’ve come to the right place.

Check out our FAQ’s below to find your answer, or Contact Us.

What are the requirements to join the Jzoog Jewish Dating site?
The only way to join is via our Facebook login. You must be over 18, single, Jewish and have a minimum number of Facebook friends (not a lot, but enough to prove you’re a real person). Once you create your profile we will review it to make sure it is complete and relevant to our members. If we determine that it is, we’ll approve it. As a private club, we reserve the right to reject or remove profiles for any reason. Read more here.

What Facebook information do you display on my profile?
We only display your age, current city, hometown, total number of friends, and the profile photos you select. Your real name or any other information is never displayed. We never post to Facebook.

What if I change my info on Facebook?
To update your Jzoog profile click on the Refresh FB Data button on your profile page. Your information will automatically be refreshed after a set period of time.

How do I view my matches?
Complete your search criteria on the Search page. Then click on Matches. You’ll see your first match. Above the profile you’ll see a row of seven options. You must click on one of them in order to see another match.

1. Contact – Send a private message. Costs 2 tokens. Free with mutual Wishlist.

2. Smile – Send this message – I’m flashing you a smile! The next move is yours.:) [1 token]

3. Wishlist – Add profile to your wishlist. If they add you to theirs you’ll both get an email with the good news, and you can message them for free. Manage your wishlist on the Wishlist page.

4. Match – Suggest this profile as a match for someone else.

5. Pass – Skip to your next match.

6. Decline – You’ll never see this profile again.

7. Block – and they’ll never see you either.

What are tokens?
Jzoog does not charge a membership or subscription fee. You can purchase tokens to contact someone without being mutually Wishlisted. Tokens do not expire and are non transferrable. You’re token balance is displayed in the blue bar at the top of most pages. Click on the link to purchase more.

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